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Radar Spotter AR pro

Travel & Local
2 usd

It has never been easier to see what's going on overhead. All you have to do is pointing your phone to the plane in the sky like taking a photo to get all the detailed information about it. Do you want to impress your friends? Do you want to know where this 9 o'clock flight you see every day is flying to? Are you an aviation enthusiast or a plane spotter who wants to see what flight will arrive next at the local airport? Then this tool is the right choice for you. It is useful for anyone who wants aircraft information instantly and it is surely a nice gag too.
There are various sites at the internet providing you with online radars. Why choose us?We are the FASTEST, because we restrict to targets you can really spot at your location. As we do not deliver a huge amount of unnecessary data, we are also the LEANEST when it comes to bandwith consumption. We are focussed on usability, not on eye candy. No unnecessary clicks with our unique concept. We are the QUICKEST when the question comes to find the plane. What could be easier than pointing your phone to the aircraft you want details for? Last but not least augmented reality is a crucial part of the usability concept even available in the base version.
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